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Our Purpose
Types of Contributions
Our Service
The Need
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2015-2016 Report to the District

Our Purpose

 Provide funds for support of the youth of our District with emphasis on Kiwanis Sponsored Youth
 Provide individual clubs with means of supporting needs identified within their area

Types of Contributions

Endowed Scholarships
These funds are only available for these projects 
Used as directed by Foundation Trustees to meet financial obligations of the Foundation.

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Our Service

In the Texas-Oklahoma District approximately 21,000 sponsored youth club members benefit from the financial support provided in training, development and scholarship programs for Circle K, Key Club, Builders Club and K-Kids. Special Programs that provide financial assistance to future leaders include:

SOPHOMORE OF THE YEAR  Student Application 2017-2018   Presidents Package 2017-2018

CIRCLE K SCHOLARSHIPS     Description of program 17-18   17-18 Application form and instructions

Applying for a Key Club Scholarship   letter in pdf format

KEY CLUB SCHOLARSHIPS   Key Club Description of program 2018
KEY CLUB SCHOLARSHIPS   Application form in pdf format 17-18

Support of District Youth Service Projects.   
Support of K-Family Board Meetings.

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The Need

Continuing support of each Kiwanian and each Kiwanis Club is vital if the Foundation is to continue it's work with our youth. You can help in several ways:

Tom Duncan Memorial Fund:  The T-O Foundation annual gift program is named in honor of a former District Governor.  Although stricken with polio at age 20, Tom showed that handicaps need not deter persons from reaching their goals.

Clubs are asked to donate $5 per member.

Special recognition at DCON of clubs donating $10 per member or a club donation of $500 or more.

Special recognition at DCON of Lt. Governors whose Divisions with 100% of Clubs donation of $5 per member, or more.

C. T. Bush Award:  The award is named after the founder of the Foundation who worked tirelessly for its success. The contributor is recognized with a specially-designed medallion for a $500 gift to the Foundation.
Click here for pdf version

21st Century Club:  Names of $1,000 contributors will be placed on the “21st Century Honor Roll” in the District Office, and the contributor receives a custom-designed plaque.  
Click here for pdf version

Memorial Gifts:  Gifts may be given by members or non-members in any amount. Types of memorial gifts include a memorial for a death of a friend or family member, to honor a person or recognize a special event.
 Click Here for pdf version 

Legacy Society:  A person may leave a lasting legacy to a life dedicated to helping others and help future Kiwanians maintain the Foundation's goals of supporting the district's youth.

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Your Gifts

Gifts to the Texas-Oklahoma Kiwanis Foundation are tax deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as amended. Donations are accepted from clubs, club members and individuals/business who want to support the work of the Foundation. Send your donation form and/or letter of explanation to:

Texas-Oklahoma Kiwanis Foundation
3010 W. Park Row Dr.
Pantego, Texas 76013

 2015-2016 Report to the District  

The three scholarship programs listed above can actually be tracked by Division.  This report attempts to show what each Division is receiving in benefits from the Foundation in those areas.  There is no way to properly allocate the many other expenses that are incurred from the Foundation for the benefit of the entire district.  Chances are your division is receiving far greater benefits just in scholarships and training than its clubs are contributing to the Foundation.  These results are only for the year 2014-15.  Results change each year because of changes in participation.  If a Division does not have an active youth campaign, then returns will probably be low. 

The Texas-Oklahoma Kiwanis Foundation has no paid employees. Members of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation receive no compensation and pay their own expenses to attend meetings of any type. No Foundation funds are used to reimburse members for personal expenses.  The Foundation does provide a "token" reimbursement to The Texas-Oklahoma Kiwanis District for its use of district personnel, mail, storage and telephone use.

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